The The silos are of continuous welded construction. Internal surfaces are smooth to ensure free flow of stored material. The silos are loaded by pneumatic conveying system with rotary piston blower. Ongoing humid and temperature control excludes a possibility of producing waste; in addition having a tree-layer structure provides variation and dosage of the virgin resin.


Three reception hoppers supply extruders with the GPPS material. The IPC system allows a constant level of product in the mixing hoppers by controlling the resin discharge of the upstream dosing equipment. The other six reception hoppers are serving additives supply. (SBC, HIPS, colorant, etc.) Gravimetric dosing system, when the resin coming from the silos flow under gravity to the dosing units ensures the texcellence of the final product.


Flat die extrusion system with total capacity of 3000 kg/h originates tree-layer structure film. With a tree-layer structure the film is acquiring advanced mechanical properties.


The longitudinal stretching machine is designed to orient the cast film in machine direction between driven temperature controlled rolls.


This unit is designed to receive the longitudinally stretched film from the MDO exit and to stretch this film in transverse direction to the final film width. Sliding chain system, with sliding double L-shaped runners to support the vertical and horizontal loads is having excellent sliding properties and low wear with minimum lubrication.


The section is designed for an efficient cooling. Each section is equipped with 4 nozzle boxes which mounted on the both sides of the cooling zone. Up on the exit of the cooling station the width of the film may be set up from 2,5 up to 4,2 meters.


This system incorporates different units downstream of the TDO exit up to the mill roll winding station. The main system functions are:

1. to trim the edges and remove the trim

2. to guide the film trough a thickness gauge unit

3. to treat the film surface with a corona treatment

4. to treat the film surface with a silicon treatment


The section is provided with a full width tailback-table to allow a certain film buffer for start up procedure. From the outlet section film rolls proceed to the main slit station.

Example Frame