Multipack is a well-balanced, dynamically advancing company, being a leader in the biaxial oriented polystyrene sheet and films production (BOPS).

Many years of the packaging materials processing experience allowed the company to focus on the production of BOPS sheets in 2007. It took three years before the company achieved the leading position on the rigid packaging market, the one getting its momentum these years.

The production engineers developed the unique recipes and production processes fit for each film type, reaching highest technical consistency and standards of the finished packaging products.

The key findings and achievements are generated by the company’s R&D, committed to finding innovative solutions enhancing the properties of the films as well as developing advanced packaging materials.

Company’s objectives:

  • to foster further application growth of BOPS for rigid and flexible packaging, promote substitution to alternative rigid materials;
  • to provide viable competitive advantage through material yield and down-gauging resulting in lower CO emissions;
  • to develop innovative multi-structure barrier films and sheets.